Veolia in Serbia

Veolia has been present in the Serbian market for over 20 years

By managing in water, energy and waste fields, Veolia has carried out a large number of projects and built several drinking and wastewater treatment plants, municipal infrastructure facilities, water supply and river regulation works, gas supply facilities, soil remediation, remediation or landfill construction.

By using extensive international experience, Veolia offers all types of water, energy and waste management services in Serbia and the region, from design, through contracting, to later plant management, with the possibility of financing entire projects.

Veolia is a partner of a number of well-known companies with which it cooperates worldwide in the areas of circular economy, treatment of all types of wastewater, optimization and energy savings, as well as solutions for treatment of all types of waste.

Through its proven business models, Veolia is a reliable and long-term partner in water treatment services with municipalities and cities worldwide, providing services to millions of people.