Operational management and maintenance of the hot water gas boiler on the "Nikola Tesla" airport

"Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies" d.o.o. has contracted with Belgrade Airport to provide three-year operation management and maintenance services for a new gas hot water boiler plant (new heating plant) with a capacity of 42.8 MW (three boilers with a capacity of 16.4 + 16.4 + 10 MW).

The contracted service included the following activities:

  • Engagement of the engineers of "Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies" d.o.o. in order to functionally equip the installations as quickly as possible and put the boiler room into trial operation
  • Managing the operation of the boiler room during the heating season with the 24/7 presence of qualified and experienced operators and continuous supervision by licensed engineers
  • Equipment maintenance in the boiler room performed by authorized service teams
  • Implementation and conducting of the program of legally required measurements and analyses
  • Securing emergency interventions within 24 hours
  • Identifying and proposing measures to improve the reliability and efficiency of the new gas boiler plant.