Reconstruction of the chemical water preparation system in Šećerana Crvenka

Reconstruction of the chemical water preparation system (HPV) was carried out for the Client "Šečerana Crvenka" a.d. in Crvenka, with the aim of producing DEMI water with quality in accordance with the EN 12952-12:2003 standard.

The project consists of the following phases:

  • Drilling and complete equipping of wells with a capacity of 10 l/s;
  • Construction of raw water pipelines between the well and the HPV facility;
  • Reconstruction of the existing HPV equipment by installing a new line with a capacity of 10 m3/h, which consists of:
    • Pre-treatment part (multimedia filter, active carbon filter, with required dosages)
    • Main treatment (micron mechanical filter, two stages of reverse osmosis, electro-deionization, with the necessary dosages)
    • Connecting the existing ion exchange line for the well water supply.
  • Rehabilitation of the HPV facility;
  • Installation of boiler circuit feed water conditioning system;
  • Installation of the GESTRA system with automatic desalination of three steam boilers with a capacity of 50 t/h + 50 t/h + 35 t/h with the installation of a vortex meter

All the works were performed as the "turnkey" system.